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Meet Rachael

I'm not yo' average Realtor

I'm Rachael Joiner, also known as the Real AZz Realtor. I am an experienced real estate agent in both AZ and IL. I have been involved in the real estate world since 2007, helping families find the best possible options for their home buying and home selling goals.

I have been deemed the Real AZz Realtor because I am very much a straight shooter. I actively listen to your goals and give you a thorough look into what it takes to reach them. Together, we develop a plan of attack, whether it starts with credit repair, lease to own options or traditional buying/selling methods.

I am a Realtor who understands the woes of credit challenges. I lived the frustration of having great money and no credit. My financial journey was no walk in the park, which makes me passionate about educating you and assisting you in creating a solid financial foundation and finding the best home purchasing options for you.

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Housing Development

About The Brown House Group

The Brown House Group was created to assist people in learning how to position themselves financially to achieve home ownership, by providing resources, guidance, workshops, financial services and real estate services.

It is also a resource center for other Realtors on Rachael Joiner's team to receive coaching, mentorship and guidance.

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